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Charleston Restaurant Workers Assistance Grant

You are being invited to apply for a $200 Grant from Origin SC. 

The grant is for Charleston County Restaurant Workers who have lost tips due to Covid-19. 

To qualify for this grant you have to have been working in a Charleston County restaurant, have lost tips do to the Covid-19 pandemic, and have at least one pay stub dated after 02/14/2020.

Below are the steps you will need to follow to apply for the $200 grant. 

Important: Before you begin your application, please read the attached Fraud and Privacy policy. The application will also ask you to confirm that you have been informed of our Fraud and Privacy policies. Click the link below to preview these policies.  https://originsc.org/wp-content/uploads/fraud-policy-affiliated-business.pdf .


  1. Take the 20 minute budgeting class “Critical Budgeting: Short term solutions for budgeting when ends don’t meet.” Here is a link to the class: https://origin-sc.teachable.com/p/critical-budgeting1 Origin will automatically receive notification after you have completed class.


  2. Next, to fill out the application you will need an estimate of your (current) monthly income and expenses. If you do not know the exact amount of your (current) income and expenses, please estimate. Use the Tab button to move through the application.  Follow the link and fill out the application  https://originsc.org/covid-application/ .  You will need to upload a paystub dated after 02/14/2020 in the application, or if you can’t upload it you may email to agreer@originsc.org (this can be a picture, PDF or screen shot, but the employer name, the date, your name, and the amount paid must be VISIBLE).


Once you have completed the above steps, Origin will contact you to conduct a phone virtual appointment where you will speak with one of Origin’s licensed credit counselors. The counselor will then email you some paper work to sign in Hello Sign.  After Origin receives your signed paperwork we will be able to tell you if you qualify for the grant. If you qualify, a check will be sent out in the mail to you within 2 business days. (Please note we are not guaranteeing the arrival of the check within two business days. We are guaranteeing the check will be sent out in the mail within two business days.)


Please note that taking these steps does not mean you will automatically qualify for the grant as funds are limited. We will do our best to notify you as soon as we know if you do or do not qualify.  (Please note staff and immediate family and partners of Family Services, Inc. dba Origin SC do not qualify for this grant opportunity.)