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Batterers Intervention

Stop the violence.

Unmanaged anger can escalate into verbal and/or physical abuse and violence. Our program at Origin SC teaches a variety of skills, techniques, and interventions to decrease aggressive and violent behavior in order to end the cycle of family violence.

This program is a 26-week, court-approved curriculum with the primary objective of clarifying the individual’s response to anger and emphasizing respect and cooperation among all members in a family environment. Perpetrators of violence are held accountable for changing their patterns of behaviors, thinking, and beliefs.

Participants can participate in individual or group settings to recognize and address adverse behavioral issues such as:

  • Negative belief system;
  • Verbal & physical violence;
  • Aggressive behavior;
  • Need for power, control, & dominance;
  • Threats of violence;
  • And, intimidation.

A Master’s degree-level counselor directs this program.

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