Bankruptcy Counseling Disclosure Statement

  • Both Pre-Filing and Post-Filing (Debtor Education) Bankruptcy counseling is offered online, by phone, and face to face.

  • Fee is $50/household for both Pre-Filing and Post-Filing Bankruptcy Counseling; however, we offer our Pre-Filing online counseling at a reduced rate of $35/household.

  • Fee Waiver Policy: Households that are at or below 150% of the poverty level are eligible for a fee waiver and can request waiver from the Bankruptcy Coordinator (by calling 843.735.7818). Family Services, Inc. does not discriminate on any client’s ability to pay for services.

  • Limited English proficient clients will receive additional assistance through bilingual staff members or, if necessary, other community organizations providing translation services.

  • All Bankruptcy Counselors have credit counseling certifications from both the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs (SCDCA) and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC).

  • Family Services, Inc. does not receive or provide payment for referrals to or from our agency.

  • Clients will receive a Certificate of Counseling/Debtor Education upon completion of counseling.

  • Family Services, Inc. may disclose client information to the Executive Office of United States Trustees (EOUST).

  • EOUST reviews Pre-Filing and Post-Filing (Debtor Education) counseling services only. EOUST has not reviewed other counseling services provided by Family Services, Inc.

  • Certificates are only issued when counseling session has been fully completed.

  • Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Counseling – All paperwork must be submitted and follow up counseling session is completed, which can be completed over the phone, online, or face to face).

  • Post-Filing Counseling (Debtor Education) – All paperwork submitted and at least 70% accuracy on post-test.

Affirm Your Identity and Commit to Participate:

We ask you to affirm that you are the person identified above and commit to personally completing this process.

I certify that all the information provided on this page and all future information I provide to Family Services, Inc. throughout my time as a client is true, correct, complete, and offered in good faith. I understand that it is my personal responsibility as a client of Family Services, Inc. to participate in and complete the counseling session. I also certify that I will complete this counseling session myself I understand that knowingly making a false or fraudulent statement, misrepresenting my identity or not participating in my counseling session is a violation of the requirements for obtaining a certificate and may result in its revocation as well as the termination of my privileges as a Family Services, Inc. client.

By entering my initials below, I affirm my identity and my understanding of the policies outlined above.


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