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Anger Management

Put a stop to impulsive behavior.

Unmanaged anger can escalate into verbal and/or physical abuse and violence. Our program provides the skills to manage anger in a healthy way and the tools necessary to communicate thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a manner that is appropriate and acceptable.

This program is an evidence-based curriculum with the primary objective of clarifying the individual’s response to anger and emphasizing respect and cooperation among all members in a family environment.

Participants can participate in individual or group settings to learn about:

  • Coping Skills, Healthy Alternatives, and Conflict Resolution.
  • Increased Self Control and Problem-Solving Skills.
  • Anger Management Concepts and Solutions for Controlling Anger.

This program is a 16-week psychoeducational group counseling done virtually and support for non-abusive individuals with anger issues. Assessment fee is $65 (fee will not be waived for any reason). For classes only, sliding scale/financial assistance available upon request and on case-by-case basis. Insurance is not accepted.

Contact us at 843.628.3000 to schedule an appointment.

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