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Giving our clients functional independence.

Origin SC Representative Payee case managers provide budgeting and financial management services for individuals who receive Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are mentally or physically incapable of handling their own financial affairs.

Representative Payee Counselors set up a budget for clients, receive their monthly income, pay their rent, utilities, and other bills, and give the client a weekly allowance for necessities.

With their necessities paid, clients live as functionally independent and comfortably as possible, within the means of their limited income. This ensures that at-risk, low-income individuals continue to receive their monthly benefits and utilize those benefits to pay for shelter, food, and clothing.

If you or someone you know is interested in completing an application, click on the link below to download and print. Please submit application via fax to 843.574.8218 or email the appropriate counselor listed within the application.


For more information, please call 843.628.3000 or email us. Also, check out our FAQs!

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Origin SC partners with the Social Security Administration, the Department of Social Services, the Department of Mental Health, the probate court system, local hospitals and homeless shelters, and other professionals to provide a safety net for clients who are incapable of successfully managing their own funds.



What is a Representative Payee?

A representative payee is an individual or organization appointed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to receive Social Security and/or SSI benefits for someone who cannot manage his or her money.

How do I apply for myself or a loved one?

It is vital that potential payees complete all questions (1-11) and sign the application. The SSA will need to contact the beneficiary, so please provide information regarding the beneficiary’s mailing and residence address, as well as the primary phone number and living arrangement information.

What is the process involved in becoming a client?

The first step is to fill out this application, which is submitted to Origin SC. Once the SSA approves, the SSA notifies the claimant of the representative payee selection within 15 days – we call this “advance notice.”

What would my (client’s) rights be?

The claimant can contact the SSA field office by phone or in person to acknowledge receipt of the advance notice, as well as agreement or appeal of the payee selection. However, if the claimant is in the SSA office at the time of payee application completion and selection, an Advance Notice Acknowledgement may be signed on the spot in order to meet the advance notice requirement.

Do I have to live in South Carolina?


Why do I have a Representative Payee?

You have a payee because SSA decided that you need help in managing your money. Your representative payee is someone who communicates with you, knows you and your needs, and wants to help you. If you have not had a payee previously, SSA typically requires that you have a physician sign a form of recommendation.

What does a Representative Payee do for me?

Your payee receives your payments for you and must use the money to pay for your current needs. After your payee pays those expenses for you, your payee can use the rest of the money to pay any past-due bills you may have, provide funds for your personal use, and/or save the money for your future use.