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Story Highlights

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Money Rocks

Money Rocks is a youth financial education summit. In 2015, we had 400 participants in Charleston.


In November, Nate B. came to us for one-on-one home purchase counseling. He attended all of our financial education workshops. In October, he closed on his home in downtown Charleston!

He told us he could not have done this without the support of his credit and homebuyer coach helping him get his credit issues straight. He noted that the process of just helping him understand and gather documents for the mortgage lender took a lot of stress off the home purchase process.

Homeless Prevention

Below is a thank you note from one of the households that we were able to assist this year.


From homeless to homebuyer, Michael has a truly miraculous story. An Army veteran who struggled with substance abuse became chronically homeless. He was living in his car and had been struggling with homelessness for 18 months. While Origin helped him get back on his feet with rental assistance, he decided he wanted more for his life. With our help, Michael is now living as a first time homebuyer in Charleston and is also newly married to a supportive wife. He also attends Trident Tech with the goal of becoming a substance abuse counselor to help others overcome drug and alcohol addiction. He specifically wants to help veterans!!

Watch the interview here!

Mortgage Default

A married couple with two children from Florence, SC came to us when they were over four months past due on their mortgage. We were able to help them lower their monthly payments from $2138 to $1102, saving them $1036 a month!

An elderly North Charleston homeowner on a fixed income received a loan modification that saved her $174 per month!! We brought her current from being 11 months past due. With her Social Security income, she will now be able to remain in her HOME without the threat of foreclosure.

Debt Management

“Linda” was “drowning” in debt. She was making the minimum payments but “making no dent at all on the overall balances.” By the time she called Origin, she was $30,000 in debt. She started working with our debt management program in June 2012. Our DMP counselor referred her to our Foreclosure Prevention Program. By referring her to First Guarantee Mortgage Company, we were able to help her refinance with a new rate of 3.75% and a 15 year mortgage. With our debt management program, she was able to pay off her three highest credit cards and reduce her CCCS payment from $648 to $243 per month. “Linda” says that she was “able to get my financial self-esteem back” and “I look at my quarterly statements…and I see what I have paid compared to what I owed, that this the greatest sense of accomplishment!”

Representative Payee

Mr. Albert Epps has been a client of Origin SC since 1998. He was one of the first clients in the Representative Payee Program. He has been working at his neighborhood Bi-Lo for 13 years. This, along with working with Origin, has enabled him to live independently in his own apartment for 18 years. When describing his experience with Origin, Mr. Epps says “they’re a phenomenal group. I’m really glad to be a part of them, and I continue to want to be a part of their group because they have my best interest at heart.”

Read the full story here!