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Want to make lasting change to your finances? Origin SC can help!

Take the first step to financial stability and get suggestions from our licensed and trained advisors on how to manage your credit and finances.

We provide education in developing and balancing your budget and managing your money to make the most of every paycheck. You will work to develop a simple budget that accommodates your unique financial situation and lifestyle.

Knowing what is on your credit report is equally important, your score is critical to everything from buying a car to getting a job – don’t be left in the dark! Choose from the below options and add this component to optimize your individual session – we have several offerings to fit your budget.

BRAND NEWWe understand that life can get in the way of what you really want and need to do. We are here to help! Origin SC offers one-on-one financial coaching in-person or via phone or webcam. We will securely exchange documents prior to the appointment so you have everything you need. Then, at the time of your appointment you call in or log in from anywhere that has internet access! Now there’s truly no excuse to start your path to financial freedom and homeownership.

 **Please note: All appointments at this time are virtual due to COVID-19 regulations.

Get started today and schedule an individual appointment with one of our experienced, and professional advisors, call 843.628.3000 or email us.

Individualized Coaching Sessions: $60, one-time fee*

You can bring your own credit report* or select from the following options to have the reports and scores ready and waiting for your arrival. Sessions are available face to face, via phone or even through video conferencing. Just let us know what type of session works best for you!

Single (1) Attendee:

  • Credit reports pulled from all three reporting bureaus: $49 (Total session fee $99)

Joint (2) Attendees:

  • Credit reports pulled from all three reporting bureaus: $98 (Total session fee $158)

Further enhance your session with the following add-ons:

Wayfinder: Instantly evaluates hundreds of options to give you the most powerful, cost-effective, step-by-step plan to a better score! Cost is $21 per attendee.

Additional credit reports: As you progress through coaching, pulling your credit report will help you track your progress and credit score changes.


Individual (all 3 bureaus): $49.00                                                 Joint (all 3 bureaus): $98.00

*All fees are non-refundable
*Report must include all 3 bureaus w/scores and be less than 30 days old.

For more information on fees click here.