Appointed to protect financial estates.

Conservator Case Managers administer the financial estate of clients appointed to us by the Probate Court or Department of Veterans Affairs when there is no family member or other bonded entity to manage the individual’s financial affairs.

As Conservator, we receive deposits, issue payments, and reconcile accounts (checking, savings, burial, investments) for each client. It is our goal to help them live as comfortably as possible.

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Family Services, Inc. DBA Origin SC is a National Guardianship Association member. Learn more about conservatorship and what we do through our FAQs.


What is a conservatorship?

A conservatorship is the result of a court proceeding in which a judge appoints a conservator to manage the financial affairs of an individual who is deemed incompetent to manage their own personal finances due to a mental or physical disability. To protect the individual from exploitation and to ensure that their primary needs are met, the conservator works with the courts to develop and manage the assets of the protected individual as efficiently as possible.

Who needs a conservatorship?

  • An individual who needs protection from neglect, financial abuse, and isolation.
  • An individual whose relatives/friends do not have the resources to assist in caring for the individual’s financial responsibilities.

How does a conservatorship help?

  • Developing and implementing a financial management plan for the client.
  • Advocating on behalf of the client with creditors to ensure payment of debts.
  • Providing options for pre-need planning of funeral arrangements.
  • If needed, liquidating and/or consolidating assets.

What are the benefits to your clients?

Our client’s assets and financial resources are protected from exploitation. Their bills will be paid on time and they will have the opportunity to reside in a stable residence. Family Services, Inc. DBA Origin SC is licensed and bonded. All our counselors offer compassionate expertise to secure the financial assets and manage everyday expenses for mentally and/or physically challenged individuals.

How can I tell if there is a need for conservatorship?

Signs that a conservatorship may be necessary include a person is giving away money for no identifiable reason; a person is indiscriminately entering lotteries and/or sweepstakes; a person is demonstrating a pattern of late and non-payment of bills and/or is no longer able to balance a checkbook, a person is buying personal property that is not needed, or giving away real estate or other assets for no apparent reason.

If you suspect neglect or exploitation, please contact the local Office of Adult Protective Services or your local police department.