Let us be your accountability partner.

Our Debt Management Program is an integrated counseling service that assists consumers who are overwhelmed with credit card debt.

We develop consolidated payment programs that include lower interest rates and monthly payments which are made directly to our office and distributed appropriately to the creditors on the behalf of the client.

For a free consultation, please complete our secure online budget application. You can also schedule an appointment with a licensed credit counselor by calling 843.628.3000 or emailing us.

Read our FAQs below for additional information.


1. How does it work?

The creditors provide information to licensed credit counselors who are then able to propose lower interest rates and monthly payments while consolidating the payments into one.

2. Will I be paying my balances in full?

Yes. All accounts enrolled in DMP are paid in full. This program helps with reducing monthly payments and interest rates while keeping the new monthly payment the same until the program is completed.

3. Do you report to the credit bureaus?

Creditors will continue to report to the credit bureaus; we do not.

4. How soon can I be debt-free?

By law, all accounts have to be paid out within FIVE years, so the client will be DEBT-FREE in 60 months or less.

5. What types of debts are eligible for this program?

Only unsecured debts, such as credit cards and store charge cards, unsecured loans, medical bills, and collection accounts. We cannot work with secured creditors, such as finance companies, payday lenders, title loan companies, student loans, car loans, or taxes.